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A magical blog written by a #OKinPink #unicornmascot

I crashed the drone

Sometimes I get into big trouble.  And then #bosspat is not very happy with me. This is one of those times.  I said I was really really really sorry.  It was going so well, until . . . it fell out of the sky.  It was cool for a while. 

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Off on a venture

Hi! It's me Bill again.  I'm off on a venture.  I found a lovely garden and wanted to go have a look see.  #bosspat would not stop following me.  She's a bit annoying at times. Having fun in the garden.   It was soooo nice.

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Bill rides the test shuttle

Hi! It's me Bill.  I've been busy. Guess what? I got invited to test-ride the first on-road automated shuttle trial in Ontario. Yes, me. The invite came to me.  My video is proof (course I needed a bit of help from #bosspat).Yes, it's true. Bill rode the shuttle. It...

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