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How did I become the BoardSpace mascot?

Most people think they know why I im the company mascot. They would be wrong. It was quite by accident. Here is my story.We got our seats. No one wanted to sit beside us. Seems like every body know that mooses are stinky poopy and make smellies on a random basis. I...

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A canyon tour from my view

Another train to play on. Our Soo holiday was loads and loads of fun. We did the Bushplane Museum and now more train fun. My fav. @moose_buddies came - again.  And #bosspat of course. She's our minder and chauffeur. What a trip- we loved it.  Agawa Canyon Tour Train....

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I crashed the drone

Sometimes I get into big trouble.  And then #bosspat is not very happy with me. This is one of those times.  I said I was really really really sorry.  It was going so well, until . . . it fell out of the sky.  It was cool for a while. 

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Off on a venture

Hi! It's me Bill again.  I'm off on a venture.  I found a lovely garden and wanted to go have a look see.  #bosspat would not stop following me.  She's a bit annoying at times. Having fun in the garden.   It was soooo nice.

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Bill rides the test shuttle

Hi! It's me Bill.  I've been busy. Guess what? I got invited to test-ride the first on-road automated shuttle trial in Ontario. Yes, me. The invite came to me.  My video is proof (course I needed a bit of help from #bosspat).Yes, it's true. Bill rode the shuttle. It...

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