A canyon tour from my view


Another train to play on. 

Our Soo holiday was loads and loads of fun. We did the Bushplane Museum and now more train fun. My fav. @moose_buddies came – again.  And #bosspat of course. She’s our minder and chauffeur.

What a trip- we loved it.  Agawa Canyon Tour Train.

A very unicorn friendly trip. 

Let’s get on board!

Our train is here. Time to get on and get settled. 

We got our seats. No one wanted to sit beside us. 

Seems like every body know that mooses are stinky poopy and make smellies on a random basis. I got stuck beside the stinky moose. He better be good.     

Nice view

Pic from the train. 

Picture time. 

OH OH. Hooman’s got her grip on me and I can’t move. So annoying. One of the other passenger hoomans offered to take a picture. So we had to pose nice and purdy.     

All worn out . . 

Time for a little nap.  Moosalumph got his furry legs around me and zonked off snoring. He’s cuddly, but I was a bit trapped until he finally work up.