Visiting the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre

by | Nov 13, 2022

Insights from a #unicorn. 

First off, I’m still a very big fan of train museums. I want to go see more, but the Soo didn’t have any. #bosspat wanted to visit the Bushplane Museum so I went along. We brought some friends along too. @moose_buddies came. I guess the more the merrier is the game.

A train trip did figure in our holiday. #bosspat, me and those @moose_buddies all took the Agawa Canyon Tour Train.

That’s another blog. Writing is not my best skill so I need some help and the help is pretty slow.  But don’t tell #bosspat that I said that. 

First Stop – the observation tower

It’s always a good plan to get the overlook of any place. So, that’s where I headed. The mooses followed me. I didn’t invite them, but they came along anyway.    

We could see everything, even #bosspat down below taking our pictures.   

Who let the mooses fly a helibird? 

Hooman people gotta be crazy. Who in their right mind would let a couple of mooses on the loose fly? Not me, cause I know them.  Nice mooses, but not up to fly.    

Let’s go check out this big bird!  

I climbed up into the belly of this plane.  Mooses got left behind (they’re not too swift). Security didn’t mind.     

I did not watch my head or my steps. Why would I? #unicorns do not need to be accompanied by anyone.

What’s with the mooses following me?  

Didn’t take the mooses tooooo long to catch up. Guess they don’t go as slow as I thought. Oh well.       

Otter – I don’t see any?!?  

Seems like I’m the pied piper and these mooses keep following me.        

Hmmmm typing – not really my thing.   

#bosspat wants to make me her admin assistant, but this is never going to work. Maybe those useless mooses could step in. Or rather flop in and work for a change.

I know what this machine is.    

Seems like turning it on is this button. My nose works for this. But the rest – no idea.