I love trains. What’s with all the signs?

by | Apr 27, 2022

I told you I have a thing about trains. Yes, indeed and #bosspat knows this. When she decided to visit the Steamtown National Historic Site, she of course took me along.

OK, let’s go in a see what Steamtown is all about. I thought I was going to see trains – cause I really like trains – I don’t know what the steam is about.  

None of the staff hoomans seemed to notice that a unicorn was entering the premises. I’m just too tiny to see, it seems. Well……  

This is cooool. The tracks go round in circles. Its a big merry go round for trains!!! Whee!!! Maybe they’ll let me go round and round (found out the answer was no. Not even for a uni). 

Fun anyway. Lots of places for me to jump on things. Lots of signs too.

And more space for me to explore. I’ll ignore that red sign – it’s the one about dangers around.    

Always good to know that some things are dangerous. Us unis don’t pay much attention to danger signs or any signs. We just do as we like. Is that a bad thing?

You can see that I paid no attention to that sign. Who tells a uni “NOT TO CLIMB?” Nobody came around to tell me not to. #bosspat knows better than to tell what to do.  

There is so much stuff to climb on. It’s all great fun for a #cheekyunicorn. I can always say that I can’t read hooman words. Hahaha….. 

Now, here’s a real odd one.  

This is odd. Whey would someone hammer on the car? Maybe there are hooligans about who like to hammer? Does anyone know what this is?   

And this one is just plain weird. I always know that hoomans are odd.

What could this be about? Any ideas? We unis don’t understand what this is about. Yikes.

Here’s another. I ignored it.    

I know what to do with this advice. But it’s not necessary and we unis are very sure hoofed. We can manage a few steps.

Sometimes being cheeky has consequences. Wait for it.

Ooops. Maybe I should have paid more attention. 

OK that’s not so bad. A lucky escape. 

Maybe I’d better try some easier stuff. #bosspat wanted to watch a movie about trains so we went to the theatre. No one else was there. Did I scare everyone else away cause they were scared of me – the magical unicorn mascot?  

Hmmm. Seems like the suitcases could be a hint for us to go. 

Yes, I was right. #bosspat is ready to go. I can always tell when she picks me up from what ever I’ve been doing and holds on tight. I can’t get away from her iron grip. Bye Steam Town, we’ll be back.